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Sep 8, 2010 7:00pm EDT
let them know about those folks. as lindsay explains, not everybody thinks that neighbors turning in neighbors is such a good idea. >> that's disturbing. >> honestly, i think that's a good idea. >> don't like the way someone is driving? in gaithersburg, you can tell on them by filling out a form on the police department's website. >> fill out the make of the vehicle. >> there's a list of 20 violations, excessive speed, negligent driving, improper turns and unsafe backing. >> it is a warning. >> there's no ticket and no points. but some people say it goes too far. >> i really hate the idea of training people to turn each other in. >> all it takes is somebody to get upset at somebody and they can turn in random people for no reason. >> the program has been in place for one week. captain christopher says they have only had four complaints. this woman says she can't wait to use it on police. >> you would report police? >> i would. >> really? >> yes, i would. >> that already happened. >> we get complaints on our cruisers. >> he says since the county owns the car, the officer's commander i
Sep 27, 2010 7:00pm EDT
the heat. >> lindsay out of jail and on the move. did she behave this weekend? where did papa pitt take zahara? tonight's celebrity gps. >> justin timberlake, alec baldwin and lea gushing over the "glee" episode. >> it's going blow your mind. >> shatner is a big bleeping hit. but which stars could get cut down in primetime? the tv shows on the bubble. plus secrets from "the good wife." will she leave her husband?
Sep 30, 2010 7:00pm EDT
lindsay, 9news now. >> valdez thought she only won $20. it took her a little while to realize it was the full million dollars. >>> turning now to our storm alert with a look at some of the flooding as it moves up the east coast. in north carolina, this car swept right off the road by all that heavy rain. close to the coastline, people turn to alternative means of transportation, like kayaks to get where they needed to go. you can see them going down the street there. more than 21 inches of rain have fallen in wilmington since sunday. meantime, help several drivers who didn't pay any attention, didn't listen to topper and got stranded in the high water. up in annapolis, store owners piling up the sandbags trying to keep the rising water out of the front door. some streets and sidewalks already looking more like canals. annapolis is also dealing with some backed up sewage lines, which is just nasty and not helping with the flooding one bit. >>> okay. >> you know what will help them. the winds are going pho go northwestward here after midnight. it will push the water away from the weste
Sep 24, 2010 7:00pm EDT
our only dance studio in wasilla. >> will sarah be in the audience on monday? >> lindsay lohan, in jail, no bail. the troubled star handcuffed in court today. how long will she behind bars? >> is the woman accusing ashton of cheating claiming to be good friends with demi, the new text message bombshells. >> in tonight's "e.t." slide show, leann rimes and eddie cibrian holding hands. janet jackson with her man in new york city. hey britney, are you ready? brand new scenes from the new episode of "glee." >> tom selleck on our stage sharing memories with mary. >> i remember being in hawaii with you. >> it's very romantic. >> you are such a tease.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4